INTEGRA – Complex of active employment measures in the labor market

Project co-financed by European Social Fund through the Sectoral
Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013
Main applicant: ADL – Progress Piatra Neamț
Partners: INDECO Association, Femina 2000 Association Roman

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Implementation period: 1.10.2010 – 30.09.2012

General objective:
Specific objectives:
1. Raising awareness of unemployed persons, especially young unemployed and long term unemployed on the benefits of improving professional performance for at least 600 people.
2. Facilitating access to personalized and computerized assistance
(information, professional counseling) for 400 people and online media directly and labor market for 100 persons, especially unemployed youth and long-term unemployed, seeking a job in Northeast region, respectively Neamț, Vaslui, Iași and Suceava.
3. Regional promotion of lifelong learning patterns and making a total of 9 vocational training programs in lack the labor market today.
4. Advice and assistance to encourage business start-target group or
independent activities usinc ICT for 100 persons, especially unemployed youth.
Target group:

  • 130 unemployed young people;
  • 80 long-term unemployed young people;
  • 155 long term unemployed;
  • 40 unemployed aged over 45;
  • 90 people looking for a job;
  • 35 inactive persons;
  • 70 unemployed.

Funding: European Social Fund thorugh the Operational Programme Human Resources Development, ADL-Progress Neamt, INDECO Association, Femina 2000 Association Roman

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Counseling and training for employment

Project co-funded by Human Resources Development Operational
Programme 2007-2013, Priority 5, Key area of ​intervention 5.1

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Implementation period: 1.11.2010 – 31.12.2012

General objective: reducing long term unemployment by engaging
preventive actions and by improving employability of people looking for a job, the unemployed and inactive people.
Specific objectives:
1. Increasing the socio-economic reintegration opportunities for 400 people in Iași and Vaslui counties, beneficiaries of integrated employment services accredited MLSP (integrated employment opportunities in the labor market, counseling initial assessment and guidance, counseling and mediation in the labor market).
2. Developing skills level of 200 people in Iași and Vaslui counties,
paraticipants in 10 training programs CNFPA authorized, consistent with personal skills and inclinations.
3. Personal development of 200 people in Iași and Vaslui counties,
participants of 10 trainings programs and key competences CNFPA
4. Reducing unemployment through mediation and placement of 6% of training programs graduates.
Target group: 400 people from Iași and Vaslui counties, that are looking for a job, inactive or unemployed
Main applicant: Consensual Association
Partner: INDECO Association
Funding: European Social Fund Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Consensual Association and INDECO Association

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Entrepreneurial Development and Networking in Business

Priority 3 "Increasing adaptability of workers and enterprises", Key Area of ​Intervention 3.1. "Promoting entrepreneurial culture"

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Organization's role and level of involvement in the project: partner - training provider

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