Youth Organizations Management

Objectives: to develop students' skills in policy development and ensuring organizational financial resources needed to implement the organization's projects.

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  • training for 3 days after which the beneficiaries are able to:
    • Develop an action plan based on analysis of the origin organization's resources;
    • To prepare an application in order to obtain financing;
    • Become familiar with techniques of implementation.

Funding: INDECO Association, Consensual Association
Number of beneficiaries: 40 young people aged 18-29
Dates: 1st semester – May, 2nd semester - October

Centre to promote cross-border tourism capital

RO 2004/016-941.01.02.07
Funded by Neighbourhood Programme Romania-Moldova 2004-2006, Measure no. 2.1
Joint Small Projects Fund – Phare CBC 2004, Priority 2
Partner: Enterprise House Ungheni

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Implementation Period: 1.12.2006-30.10.2007


Objectives: to assist people in economic difficulty.

  • Food aid, hygiene items, clothing for families with incomes below 300 lei / month (Easter, Christmas, if necessary);
  • Supporting children (students) from families with low incomes (supplies and clothing).
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Sources of funding: INDECO Association, sponsors
Number of beneficiaries: 26 families
Duration: permanent

Integration and Community Development Association is an active partner of the Consensual
Association for the project "Youth Center" funded by the National Authority for Youth - by DJT Iași. As a partner contributed resources, human and logistic to implement the following
1. Permanent activities:
Information and documentation services in the areas of:

  • Education;
  • Training;
  • Associative life;
  • Tourism and leisure;
  • Consultancy and advice.

Consulting activity:

  • Entrepreneurial management;
  • Project management.

Counseling activities:

  • Education and Vocational Guidance;
  • Labor market orientation;
  • Interpersonal relationships, etc.;
  • Testing, evaluation and guidance;
  • Mediation services on the labor market;

2. Specific activities

  • Substantiation of ANT applications;
  • Code of good manners;
  • Earth Day;
  • Training of trainers for youth activities;
  • Methods and techniques for finding a job;
  • Involvement of NGOs / SAT in preventing youth crime victimization;
  • How to get a job?
  • Management of youth NGOs.
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