About us

Who are we?

Integration and Community Development Association is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization, established under G.O. no. 26 dated 30.01.2000, working for the benefit of young people and their families. The Association has obtained legal status in May 2004.

Our vision

To become a professional and competitive organization and to respond effectively to the real needs of our beneficiaries.

Our mission

To develop projects to integrate young people in local communities and provide training services complementary to those in formal education system.

Our objectives

  • developing and implementing a new attitude to the requirements and offers of the Romanian society;
  • development of non-formal educational programs for young people to support creative potential;
  • development of specialized programs/training for young people in various professional fields;
  • development of business activities based on the knowledge acquired through special training programs.

Organization's activities

  • Educational programs for children and youth;
  • Entertainment;
  • Cultural and artistic programs;
  • Programs to promote human rights;
  • Organization of seminars, conferences and public debates;
  • Organization of support groups;
  • Providing advice, guidance, supervision and support social reintegration;
  • Counseling and family education;
  • Research, market research and economic and social surveys;
  • Facilitating access to financial organizations grants and / or refundable;
  • Design and project management activities;
  • Raising activities and development funds, including organizing shows, concerts, exhibitions, carnivals, raffles, contests, auctions, etc.

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